RFP 2020-01 - Kuwaiti-based E-Learning Platforms (LMS)


KFAS Academy -- on behalf of KFAS (Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences) and as part of KFAS Emergency Resilience Education Program -- is soliciting proposals for e-Learning platforms (aka LMS – Learning Management Systems) and is directed towards K-12 pupils.

The selected platform will be used during KFAS immediate Emergency Resilience Education Initiatives (now until September 2020,) and could be considered (as a whole or in parts) within the National e-Learning platform KFAS Academy is considering proposing to schools operating in Kuwait.


The Coronavirus pandemic, COVID19, poses serious local and global challenges. All institutions are called upon to contribute alongside the government’s measures to reduce the rate at which the virus spreads, and to manage the influx of patients into the healthcare system, not to mention sustain an alternative route to traditional classroom education and support community resilience, social cohesion and security.

This RFP is part of KFAS Emergency Resilience Education Program. The objective of relevance is to "Enable continuation of learning and education of public throughout the crisis by supporting a national forum for online education."

Scope of Work

KFAS Academy is in the process of selecting / integrating / developing an e-learning platform to be used to minimize the implications of the long K-12 school break. The Academy is also considering developing a National e-Learning platform to schools operating in Kuwait in coordination with the Ministry of Education.

Three request-for-proposals are issued simultaneously. Providers are welcome to submit separate proposals to more than one RFP if they wish to do so. The three RFP’s are:

  1. RFP 2020-01 (this call): This RFP is concerned with the platform and associated Management Systems (Class, School, Province, etc.)
  2. RFP 2020-02: This RFP solicits proposals dealing with Digital Education Resources (content) that is consistent with the Kuwaiti Curriculum as set by the Ministry of Education.
  3. CFI 2020-03: This Call for Initiatives calls on all individuals and corporates who would like to volunteer their time, expertise, or resources to assist KFAS succeed in achieving its goals as set by its Emergency Resilience Education Program.

This call is concerned with the platform only.

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